Foil Separating

Separating and slitting of doubled foil has special significance and highest requirements for the production of aluminium foil. In more than 150 installations all over the world, the machines of the Sepamat family have met these expectations.

Four Sepamat sizes are available. Designed for different rewind diameters, all machine layouts can be adapted to individual specifications. Whereas the models Sepamat 6 and 8 are dedicated for smaller finished rolls and combining Kampf know-how with an economic investment, the models Sepamat 10 and 12 are designed for bigger rewind diameters and wider widths.

Main features

  • Precise slitting systems for razor blade and scissor cutting
  • Sensitive and precise control system for contact pressure, web tension, speed, etc.
  • Density control for repeatable roll quality


  • Finish roll unloading cart on floor or hanging in a gantry crane installation
  • Weighing unit for finish rolls
  • Slitting dust suction systems
  • Various systems for the measurement and documentation of the foil quality, such as pinhole detectors can be integrated in all Sepamat machines.
    For new installations as well as retrofits of pinhole detection units we recommend the technology of the company E.D.S. from Italy. These pinhole detectors, e.g. the CSM20D, are designed to perform a permanent 100% inspection of the two webs even at maximum speed of the Sepamat. It can detect holes down to 10 micron size alerting the operator when an alarm threshold is exceeded. KAMPF offers several alternatives for a fully mechanical and electrical integration of systems from E.D.S.-Srl.
    For further detailed information on pinhole detection systems can be found under: